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  Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enter a roster?
From the main screen, choose Roster from the main menu bar and enter all your roster members (up to 35). The first nine players should have their fielding positions listed and the rest you can either leave blank or have them be substitutes. Do this for the other team also. The roster file is also where you choose if you are Home or Visitor.

What's the difference between Roster and Line Up on the menu bar?
Roster is where you will enter your rosters for the various teams you will play. After the game starts, any changes will now be made in the Line Up section because the Roster has now become your Line Up. You can choose to make line up changes as they are happening or after the fact when editing later.

Why don't you automatically advance runners?
As a scorer with a computer scoring in "real time", I have found it much easier and faster to advance everyone correctly the first time instead of having all runners automatically advanced the way they should move, but really didn't. Say a batter hits a double, but the runner didn't advance the way you expected, you'd have to undo everyone and readvance everyone correctly. This really takes too much time away from scoring.

Why is my team (players) listed more than once in ScoreIt Stat?
You need to be consistent when naming your players and rosters. If you save the roster and just reopen it for each game, your players' names and team name will be consistent. If you type in the roster and players' name each time you open a new game, you may be inconsistent in typing in these names and the program will think these are different players or team. For example, if you typed in Wildcats as your team name for one game and The Wildcats for another game, then Score-It thinks you are two separate teams and your stats will be off.

What is ScoreIt Stat?
ScoreIt Stat is the second program that gets downloaded with Score-It. It compiles the stats gathered from the games you entered in Score-It. If you don't enter your games into Score-It, you won't get any stats in ScoreIt Stat.

Can I plug in my previous year's stats into ScoreIt Stat without entering games?
No. Score-It is a scoring program that compiles stats from the games you score. If you don't enter your games in Score-It, you cannot get stats in ScoreIt Stat.

I only want my team's stats. Why do I need to enter the other team?
To really see how your team is doing, you need to enter the game for both teams. It gives you a better understanding of how your team does against other teams and how they do against your team. However, if you truly don't want to track the other team, just enter a roster you've saved for this purpose. I tend to name this a "dummy" roster. It doesn't need real names, but it does have to have fielding positions or you'll get error messages each time you say the other team did something defensively.

Why do I get error messages saying a certain position was not found?
Check your roster to make sure each team has their respective fielding positions. If you don't have these, you'll get these error messages.

How do I make line up changes?
During the game, go up to Line Up and the option for making line up changes now. The program will tell you what it thinks is happening at that point in the game (who's at plate, who's on 1st, 2ndor 3rd, pitch count, etc.). If this information looks correct, click on the OK button and the roster screen will come up. Highlight the names of the two players you want to substitute and click on the Substitute button. Make sure their fielding positions are correct and then click OK. When changing fielding positions, click on the arrows in the POS column. If changing fielding positions, but not batting positions, highlight both players and click on the Substitute button. You'll see the fielding positions change, but not the batting positions.

Where do I put the designated hitter?
The DH goes into the batting order with the position of DH. The defensive player being batter for goes into the #10 spot in the roster with their fielding position listed, but their batting box will not be checked since they are not batting.

What about pinch runners?
Do a line up change at the time the pinch runner comes in. Substitute the batter out and enter the pinch runner in with pinch runner listed as their position. You need to make another line up change to bring the batter back into the game and the pinch runner back to the bench.


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